My name is Tomek Sysak, and I’m native to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada/ the Internet, where I peddle tough questions to friendly Canadians.
I use the written word, audio, video, and graphics to tell stories of people who shape society, technology, and the natural world, and I investigate how those changes shape us in return.

My aim is to work at the bleeding edge of the online environment, where I can use multi-dimensional, captivating, and interactive story-telling to attract both veteran, and emerging digital citizens.
Ultimately, I hope to enlighten others to the wonders that hide in plain sight, and challenge people to be be critical of themselves, others, and the world around them.

Make a comment, ask a question; tell me what you loved, tell me what you hated.


Phone: (613) 866-0799

Twitter: Tomeksysak_

that face

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