Energetic, bilingual producer of compelling written, and multimedia communications content for the online environment, and for social media. Efficiently produces precise, yet easy-to-read content that appeals to both general, and targeted audiences. Three years of experience. Specializes in communicating complex, and technical stories about science, and technology.


  • Persistent: Fearlessly engages projects to completion.
  • Creative: Pursues effective, tactical, and innovative strategies for program delivery.
  • Efficient: Manages multiple initiatives capably.
  • Critical: Articulates critical concerns with tact, and diplomacy.
  • Calm, collaborative, and focused under pressure.


  • Speaks, reads, and writes fluently in English, French, and Polish.
  • Sophisticated web content editor.
  • Received the Canadian government’s Enhanced Security Clearance.
  • Social media native who can engage meaningfully with the online community through a variety of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Strong interpersonal, and interview skills.
  • Meets deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  • Graphic designer.
  • Proficient audio editor.
  • Efficiently produces video content.


Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, WordPress, HTML5, basic JavaScript, Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop, IrfanView, Soundslides, Avid NewsCutter, Audacity, Steinberg WaveLab, iMovie, professional microphones, professional audio recorders, professional video cameras.


Carleton University, School of Journalism and Communication, Ottawa, ON, Canada

  • Bilingual certificate.
  • Combined Honours Bachelor of Journalism, and History (2012)
  • Minor in Philosophy (2012)

Media Experience


Editor, researcher, writer

Communications for Parliaments: A Practical Guide for Emerging Democracies, World Bank and the University of Ottawa                               September 2012-November 2012

  • Contributed research, and writings about emerging technologies, and social media.
  • Summarized real-world cases, and analyzed data sets, such that they could be included in the book as meaningful, and illustrative examples.
  • Edited hundreds of pages for accuracy, and ease-of-reading.
  • Wrote exercises, discussion questions, and case studies.


Writer, social media producer, mentor

CAPPIES, Ottawa Citizen                                                                                        2006-present

  • Contributed to the program on a per-need basis.
  • Helped implement the CAPPIES Gala Twitter feeds.
  • Collaborated with high school students to develop their critical-writing skills so they could communicate their critical opinions with precision, tact, and diplomacy.
  • Wrote theatre production synopses for the Ottawa Citizen website.
  • Moderated high school student critic discussions.
  • Volunteered my time at various events.

Competencies: Microsoft Word, Twitter,’s content management system.

Writer, interviewer, editor, website manager, photographer, photo editor, graphic designer

I-CUREUS                                                                                                                      Spring 2012

  • Wrote for the Carleton University communication department about undergraduate student research.
  • Published 20 articles.
  • Conducted in-depth interviews with students about their undergraduate research in the sciences, the social sciences, and engineering.
  • Consulted academic research articles in the above domains.
  • Communicated complex, and technical information clearly, and effectively.
  • Generated photos, and graphic content.
  • Co-designed the website.
  • Maintained long-term relationships with students to ensure accuracy in writing.
  • Optimized written and multimedia content for the web.
  • Completed this project while self-directing my time.

Competencies: Microsoft Word, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, IrfanView.


Writer, interviewer

Canadian Medical Association Journal                                                                   March 2012

  • Wrote feature-length stories, as well as shorter pieces, for an audience of medical professionals. Link 1, Link 2, Link 3.
  • Independently developed story ideas.
  • Researched Canada’s, and the US’s systems for collecting, and analyzing consumer reports of pharmaceutical side-effects.
  • Conducted interviews with contacts in the medical profession, business people, and pharmaceutical consumers.
  • Communicated a novel, nuanced understanding of a complex topic, while meeting the high standards expected by an audience of medical professionals.

Competencies: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook.

Social media journalist, online media publisher, multimedia producer

Carleton University School of Journalism and Communication                       2009-2012

*University experience.

  • Earned a journalism diploma from one of the most rigorous programs in Canada.
  • Independently developed and pursued original news-story ideas.
  • Researched background material effectively.
  • Maintained long-term relationships with contacts.
  • Developed fast-paced, tactical, and in-depth interview skills.
  • Demonstrated, hands-on experience writing press releases, news stories, and producing multimedia content.
  • Published dozens of stories, many for the community.
  • Analyzed media from multiple perspectives, particularly the ongoing transition of traditional media to the online environment.
  • Demonstrated good news judgement, wielded a plethora of traditional content and multimedia production skills, and acquired a sophisticated knowledge of Web 2.0 and the online community.

Competencies: Adobe InDesign, Gmail, Prezi, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, HTML5, Audacity, Steinberg WaveLab, iMovie.

Writer, editor, photographer, graphic designer

Catalyst Magazine, Carleton University                                                                             2011-2012

*University experience.

  • Independently researched and developed story ideas.
  • Researched and reviewed academic research articles.
  • Independently pursued contacts and conducted interviews.
  • Utilized the online platform to produce precise, multimedia-rich science journalism.
  • Wrote and edited two feature stories.
  • Communicated complex, technical, and scientific information to a general audience.
  • Produced video, compiled a slideshow, and edited graphics to enrich stories.
  • Accomplished scrupulous science journalism, enriched stories with compelling multimedia content, and optimized content for the web.

Competencies: Microsoft Word,, Soundslides, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, Avid NewsCutter.

Host, reporter, writer, editor

Midweek, Carleton University                                                                                Winter 2012

*University experience.

  • Independently developed original story ideas, and pursued contacts.
  • Collected a portfolio of professional-quality radio news pieces.
  • Efficiently recorded, wrote, and edited stories for a weekly broadcast on Carleton University’s campus radio.
  • Hosted the program.
  • Capably of mixed and produced professional-quality audio on a tight deadline for radio, video, and online content.

Competencies: Adobe Audition, professional microphone, and audio recorder.

Reporter, writer, director, cameraman, editor, lighting and audio technician

25th Hour, Carleton University                                                                                    Fall 2011

*University experience.

  • Developed original story ideas and pursued contacts.
  • Experimented with all aspects of television documentary news production, including video editing, writing, and reporting.
  • Produced two documentaries and three news pieces in a four month period. Link 1, link 2.
  • Remained calm, cool and collected when faced with demanding deadlines.
  • Demonstrated excellent video editing skills, established myself as a tactical cameraman, and supported my team with dynamic lighting.

Competencies: Avid NewsCutter, professional video cameras.

Work Experience


Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada                                                  2009-present

  • Served meals for medical professionals in both official languages.
  • Serviced computers, projectors, and microphones for examining doctors.
  • Trained new staff and delegated tasks during high-stakes exams.

Standardized patient

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada                                                  2009-present

  • Performed bilingual roles as a fake patient during medical doctor specialization exams.
  • Memorized scenarios, scripts, and symptoms.
  • Performed my roles flawlessly.

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